Sprachendienst Jutta Heinz-Jotgter
Jutta Heinz-Jotter
Graduate Translator (BDÜ)
Languages: English, French, German
Areas of Specialization: Law, Economy, IT


"If the words are not right, what is said is not what is meant.
And if what is said is not right, the deeds will also not be right.
And if the deads are not right, the customs and arts will degenerate.
Therefore, ensure that the words are right. This is the most important thing of all."

This wise statement by Confucius is even more true when what is said is to be transferred into a foreign language - or back into the mother tongue.

Everything you "say", either orally or in writing, in printed or electronic form, strongly shapes the world's perception of you.

Thus do not leave it to chance whether or not the words are right.

Trust the pro - Trust me.

I am looking forward to a successful cooperation.

Jutta Heinz-Jotter

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